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...All tools were manufactured in extremely short delivery times to exacting standards and performed to expectations from day one....

Find out how Hong Kong and China are leading the way in plastics

Managing the design and manufacture of plastics in Hong Kong and China

HCM was established to meet the demands of the plastics moulding industry to give tooling support to companies who continually need to reduce their costs and meet very tight production deadlines to give them a competitive advantage.

By using HCM we can give the industry this service as well as offering them full project management assistance from our team, who have had a great deal of experience in the plastics industry, and understand the issues presented to them.

HCM will work with your business and is an added value resource that is available on demand.

HCM delivers:

Product and mould design input, indicative speedy budget cost.
Appropriate toolmaker selection and specific quotations, confidentiality agreements.
Placement and control of moulds with regular digital photo graphs and bar charts to guarantee on time completion.
Regular visits by our UK engineers or our Hong Kong representatives during mould build and at first and subsequent tool trials.
Design control and product queries.
First shot and production trial samples with component


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