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...All tools were manufactured in extremely short delivery times to exacting standards and performed to expectations from day one....

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Company - About Hong Kong & China Moulds

Initial Concept:

Hong Kong and China Moulds was established to give tooling support to companies in the plastics industry who continually need to reduce their costs and meet tight deadlines. Our purpose is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing first class project management control and problem-free high quality tooling.

Design Control:

Moulding design input, in-depth knowledge of experienced toolmakers who can advise on tool construction, design control and regular visits by UK Engineers and our Chinese Engineers during mould build and tool trials ensure a high quality tool delivered to the customer on time. Our very competitive tooling costs include full tool drawings, ISIRs, digital photographs during build, weekly tooling update reports, samples, sea freight, customs clearance and delivery to the customer's premises. The tools are guaranteed for 12 months and customers can rely on the technical support of experienced toolmakers at our Birmingham based toolmaking company.


Internet communications between the UK, China and Europe allows the fast and efficient download of files from toolmakers and customers for ease of transmitting technical data.

Product Range:

All sections of the plastics industry are well covered especially "blue chip" customers in Automotive, Telecommunications, Teletronics, White goods and Pharmaceuticals, with many of our customers frequently placing repeat orders and developing good working relationships. Injection moulding, gas assisted injection moulding, vertical insert as well as prototype tools can be produced covering a vast range of sizes and tailored to fit specific machines.

Customer Service:

Customer service is of paramount importance to HCM and to this end the group has undergone a great deal of expansion since its modest beginnings in 2001. Offices have now opened up in the Midlands, North East of England, Scotland, Holland and Shenzen in China.

Future Expansion:

Further expansion to the Company is planned during the coming year, especially in Europe and the Far East, to make this a progressive, professional and very successful company.